eLearning Service

With eLearning services we have the capability and potential to harness the power of technology and rise above the limitations created by time, distance and resources. Thorough application in all the above mentioned domains of knowledge and development has totally metamorphosed the way students are taught and how knowledge can be shared. This method of learning has also enhanced and advanced the learning and training process, and has also increased the effectiveness of acquiring knowledge and managing what is learnt.

All these eLearning services are created and duly revised after working with experienced educators, educational institutions and training organizations across the globe. Crystal Hues has also developed its expertise in offering solutions and services that ally knowledge, people and technology.

Our Philosophy - Pedagogy first; technology next.

  • Important aspect of eLearning is not the 'e' but learning
  • All the focus is on the learner's progress
  • The course is flexible in creating personalized learning by creating small nuggets of data
  • The presentations are simple and the content is structured to facilitate understanding
  • All the ideas are put into relevant context so that learner's performance is doubled


  • Getting access to world-class capabilities, best practices, skills and technology
  • Reducing and controlling costs related to labour
  • Faster turn-around and on-time delivery
  • Strict confidentiality of the data
  • Customers can gain from multi-lingual content development expertise
  • Reliable offshore outsourcing business model

Custom Content Development

Storyboard / Instructional Design

Translation, Transcription, Voice over and Localization